Services :: Bulkheads


Our seawall repair and construction capabilities are unmatched by anyone in the area. We are equally well versed in building residential bulk-heading and steel sheet pile with concrete caps used in the most demanding commercial applications, such as ship dockage, marinas, etc. We realize that proper seawall construction requires that the sheets be driven, not washed down. We own vibratory hammers capable of installing wooden or vinyl sheet pile in residential construction. Our dead man/tieback systems can be installed with vibratory equipment so as not to disturb existing ground or structures built close to the water.

We also install steel sheets in lengths of 60 feet or more to be used in commercial applications, such as marinas or commercial dockage. The tieback systems can be installed without disturbing any uplands such as buildings or existing docks.

If you're planning any type of bulkhead construction, we're the people to call. We understand the precise nature of seawall construction and its potential impact on surrounding property and will give your project the deliberate consideration it deserves.