Services :: Riprap


At H & H, we can manage any kind of shore erosion control project. Our riprap is divided into granite, stone or concrete rubble and is used for everything from small residential properties to marina projects and commercial applications.

We have the capabilities to place any size stone, from 50 pounds up to as much as 3 tons. We can also place stone for offshore applications, soil stabilization and protection of wetlands and shore side structures.

Our equipment and expertise allows us to barge any size material to any location, and we can alleviate the disturbance of upland areas such as landscaping or existing structures. For those projects that involve no disturbance issues, the stone can be brought in by truck.

The successful implementation of riprap involves careful planning and meticulous attention to detail. Riprap laid incorrectly can cause more problems than it solves. Give us a call for a trouble-free riprap installation.