Services :: Dredging


Our marine dredging capabilities are second to none. As a leading dredging contractor, we have a fleet of equipment that can dredge anything from small residential up to large commercial projects.

On the residential side, we can perform pond dredging, lake dredging or any other type of operations involving a common waterway with individual pier basins.

Commercially, our capabilities include the dredging of marinas, local municipalities and projects for commercial ship loading and unloading up to depths of 40 feet or more. We also dredge irrigation ponds or lakes for nurseries, golf courses and any other organization with similar needs. For site developers, we offer environmental dredging and the cleaning of sediment ponds associated with the development of shopping centers and housing communities.

Our dredging services also encompass the construction of dredge spoil sites in upland areas approved by the Army Corps of Engineers in conjunction with our ongoing dredging operations or operations by others.

All of our dredging projects can be done turnkey, which provides the designing of the project through the permitting process, or we can use your design with approved permits. We're more flexible, committed and detail-oriented than your typical dredging company. No matter where you are in the process, our help is just a phone call away.